Complete Bingo Pcb Set

Friday, November 5, 2010

Bingo PCB new with silk screen

We are pleased to present a the Bingo PCB now with a very good quality of glass epoxy material and with a Silk Screen that makes it much easier to mount parts on the pcb.

We will be also making the Bingo Version 3 Complete PCB set.
The PCB we have got made of exiter is a part of version 3 Bingo.

We look forward to provide a Bingo Complete kit soon .

Best of 73s


 The New Bingo pcb are available, we are also putting up a buy link here on this blog also.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Bingo PCB Pics

The Bingo PCB set is available with me any one wishing to get the complete set can email me. Shortly I will add the buy links.  We will also be adding info for the Bingo construction and other details soon.
de vu3sua

Cqbingo being launced for docummets,info in English and Bingo Kit

Welcome to our new blog cqbingo.    This blog is being launched after the great success of our blog site cqbitx

The Bingo qrp tcvr is designed by F6BCU - Bernard MOUROT-Remomeix - VOSGES.
We want this blog to help people with information in English as most of Bingo sites are in French.

 We have all the PCB's of  Bingo made and in stock.   We are also working to offer it as a full kit.
 In comming days my effort would be in collecting as much info as possible on Bingo as posting on this blog.
Hope cqbingo also moves in the same pattern as cqbitx.

Kindly give us a time to update the blog with Links and info , as we will have to translate the Bingo files posted in French.

Thanks for your support.

De  Sunil Lakhani   VU3SUA